Formal Affiliation to the SMCI is defined into the following categories:

  • Affiliate
  • Fellow



  • Applicants must apply for an formal affiliation
  • Application for the Affiliate position will be through the website and will be processed by SMCI staff
  • Application for Fellow must include online application together with a cover letter as to why the applicant meets the criteria described below and a CV
  • Applications for Fellow will be reviewed by the SMCI Executive Committee or group designated by the Executive Committee


  • Completion of the online application process.
  • Employment in Stanford Medicine: SHC, SCH, SOM, Valley Care, PCHA, and UHA
  • For Non-Stanford Medicine employees: Attendance at a SMCI related course or activity such as: CELT, RITE, Stanford Academic Lean Conference, SMCI Advanced Course in Improvement, etc. Course is sited on application process.
  • SMCI Affiliate status application will be offered during SMCI activities
  1. Applicants for Fellow status must meet two criteria:
    • Significant voluntary involvement in SMCI activities
    • Demonstration of active & voluntary contributions to improvement activities at the local / regional level of greater (national / international)
    • 3- year renewable term
  2. Significant involvement in SMCI center activities includes:
    • Teaching in SMCI related courses
    • Participation in SMCI committees, workgroups, or leadership positions
    • Providing mentorship to SMCI-related improvement projects
    • Reviewing SMCI-related grant applications
    • Other significant SMCI involvement
  3. Demonstration of active & voluntary contributions in improvement activities at the local / regional level or greater (national / international) is demonstrated by demonstrating several items listed below:
    • Leadership role in at least one large or multiple smaller successful local Improvement projects
    • Administrative/Leadership positions in local improvement departments/teams
    • Presentations at local, regional, national, or international conferences
    • Teaching in local, regional, and national QI courses
    • Multiple publications in the areas of quality, safety, experience, or improvement
    • Participation on QI-related committees in regional or national societies
    • Visiting professorships and other speaking engagements
    • QI-related grant funding¬†

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