Why Your Whole Team Should Attend the Annual Vizient Conference by Hurley Smith

Peer accountability, when used for good vs evil, can be a powerful force to drive teams towards moonshot goals. Consider attending the Vizient Connections Summit with your team. Not only will it deliver constancy of purpose, but it might not cost you or your institution anything. That’s right. Vizient will pay for your air, hotel, and most of your meals if you present on a topic. Please take the time to write up the amazing work you’re already doing and try something new with your team.

Optimizing the Cardiac Clearance Process in Head & Neck Surgery by Julia Noel

Receiving clearance forms and instructions less than 1 week in advance of surgery can result in time intensive and herculean staff efforts to avoid surgery cancellation or issues. This has implications for patient safety and cancer outcomes as well as resource utilization. We chose this project to focus on because of the direct impact on our workflow and was able to be intervened upon in a meaningful way.

Decreasing Time in ICU & Time to Mobility in Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTS) Patients by Adam Andruska

Cardiothoracic surgery (CTS) patients require highly coordinated care by numerous services in the intensive care unit (ICU) after surgery. Complications in this time period increase morbidity, are costly, and significantly increase time spent in the ICU. We set out to shorten the time between cardiothoracic surgery and the patient ambulating with physical therapy as a marker for appropriate patient progress. Delays in time to ambulation after surgery reflect both patient complications and systems issues preventing progression. Our goal was to improve the percentage of patients ambulating on postoperative day one from 60% to greater than 70%.