Advanced Analytics Workgroup

The Advanced Analytics Workgroup for the Stanford Medicine Center for Improvement is charged with:

  • Evaluating the current state of advanced data analytics as it supports improvement work.
  • Help identify and coordinate the existing infrastructure of advanced data analytics to support improvement efforts across the 3 organizations
  • Create or promote the proper “front door” for improvement participants to go to have their potential requests prioritized and potentially supported
  • Help create infrastructure to promote publication and extramural funding in improvement areas reliant on advanced data analytics
  • Create leading programs at the intersection of improvement science and data analytics



Karen Frush

                   Lane Donnelly

Benjamin Elkins

Elizabeth Freeman

Michael Halaas

Eric Hadhazy

David Larson

                        Ron Li

Ling Loh

                       Amy Lu

Natalie Pageler

John Ratliff

                    Lisa Schilling

Neil Shah

Christopher Sharp

Andrew Shin

Brendan Watkins

Yohan Vetteth

Sam Zelch