When A3 Problem Solving Fails – Hurley Smith

Are A3s overrated? Seasoned improvers learn that, while helpful, following the A3 method for problem solving does not guarantee success for an improvement project. In this article, Stanford Improvement Team leader Hurley Smith explores some of the most common reasons improvement projects fail and suggests practical advice for improvers hoping to avoid those pitfalls.

Failing to Make Discharges Happen by Noon – Hurley Smith

You read that right, we failed… if you define success with a SMART goal. While we may have fallen short of our quantitative target, we succeeded in generating valuable knowledge about our care delivery system. This post is this author’s attempt to preserve our lessons learned and normalize writing about projects that don’t go the way we want them to. Imagine how your project might be different if you could read a blog post from team’s that have tried to solve your problem before! If we all share, we all learn, and we all become better at solving problems. Here’s to making blogging about improvement work popular.