SMCI Lecture Series is a lecture series held twice monthly. Click below to view the SMCI Lectures.

January 19th 2022 QI on the Brink: 5 Urgent Challenges to Address by 2030. Dr Don Goldmann.

January 12th 2022 High Reliability in Healthcare. Dr Bob Turbow, JD.

December 14th 2021 Implementation Science: Some basics and Cutting-Edge Advances. Dr Mark McGovern.

November 9th 2021
Agile, Improvement, Empowerment. Steven Savage.

October 27th 2021 The Shingo Model: Building a sustainable culture of organizational excellence. Joy Goor.

October 5th 2021 Stanford Medicine Community of Improvement Professionals (SCIP). Jakaria Stewart and Ryan Darke.

September 29th 2021 Enhancing Communication in the Operating Room by Labeling Surgical Caps with Names. Dr Laura Brodzinsky.

September 14th 2021 The Power of Learning Networks: The story of Pediatric Acute Care Cardiology Collaborative (PAC3). Dr. Alaina Kipps and Dr. Nicolas L. Madsen.

August 10th 2021 Packard Clinical Pathways Program- A story of program building and lessons learned. Dr. Whitney Chadwick and Dr. Hannah Bassett

August 3rd 2021 Machine learning, optimization, and simulation to improve the quality and reduce the cost of care. David Scheinker, PhD

July 27th 2021
Is it time to reimagine the US Healthcare Quality System? Dr Richard Shannon, CQO Duke Health

July 13th 2021 The Approaches to Mixed Methods Evaluations. Laura Holdsworth PhD

June 22nd 2021
Patient Safety's Future through the Lens of an Organizational Scientist. Kathleen M. Sutcliffe PhD

June 2nd 2021
Target Based Care: An Intervention to Reduce Variation in Postoperative Length of Stay. Dr. Claudia Algaze and Dr. Andrew Shin

May 2021
The Social and Technical Domains in Quality and Safety. Dr. Lane Donnelly

April 2021
The Lightning Report Method – Rapid Stakeholder Feedback. Cati Brown Johnson PhD
March 2021 The Path Toward Becoming a Learning Health System at Stanford Children's Health. Dr. Grace Lee
February 2021 Leveraging quality improvement, design thinking, and simulation when studying and implementing health AI technologies. Dr. Steven Lin and Margaret Smith
January 2021 Practical real-life examples of applying implementation science outcomes to quality improvement endeavors. Marcy Winget PhD MHS

January 2021 Lessons from the Long Fix: Applications for AI in Healthcare. Dr. Vivian Lee
October 2020 Discussion of a Work in Process: Evaluation of the Senior Care Home Based Program. Maria Yefimova and Anna Sophia Lestoquoy
September 2020 Building AI-Enabled Systems for Patient Care at Stanford. Dr Ron Li and Margaret Smith